Tips on preparing your meditation space

The First step to begin the process of clearing your meditation space is to start with the basics such as opening the window and allowing fresh air through the room. Clear any clutter and basic housework such as dusting, vacuuming, cleaning windows etc.

Step two is to clear the space of any negative or stuck energy. You can either burn white sage incense or a white sage smudge stick. Close the window while burning these items and open the window when you have finished clearing. This takes approximately 5 to 10 minutes depending on the size of the room, and how dense the energy is. Always be careful when using these items that the flame or embers don't come into contact with curtains, carpet or any other flammable items you may have in the room and don't leave any burning incense or sage unattended. If you are not comfortable using these items or are sensitive to the smoke, you may like to try  Happy Home spray to clear your meditation space it is made from organic flower essences and essential oils and made in Queensland. I use this spray if I am clearing space with smoke detectors. Make sure when you have finished with the smudge stick to extinguish it in a container of sand and double check that it is indeed extinguished.

Step three open the window and place a beautiful bunch of fresh flowers in the room and play some peaceful calming music.

Step four is to maintain your meditation space in a daily/weekly routine by keeping it clutter free and clean. This way you may only need to use a white sage incense stick occasionally or spray happy home daily into your meditation space. It is much easier to maintain your meditation space if you clear it regularly.